Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Its been a while since our honeymoon but I thought I'd post a few pictures. If you have facebook almost all of them are on there. Here I'm only putting a select few. Also Carol has some of our wedding pictures up on her blog! She was our photographer and she did amazing! Her blog is if you are interested.

As far as our life goes, we are doing well. Labor Day weekend was a little rough but we are recovering. We also have new Wagner family pictures I will steal off of facebook and post. Our house is coming along, very slowly but surely. Mom told me the other day that when we get our new couches the motivation will probably return. I sure hope so! We do have some parts done. Our kitchen and dinning room look good. We need to hang a few shelves in the dinning room but it looks good even now. Our room is done, messy because we are lazy and don't pick up clothes but done as far as work. Our dryer still is out. We are trying to get our reality company to come fix it but they are being lazy. So we continue to mouch off of friends to borrow their washer and dryers! As bad as it is it does present an opportunity to hang out with good friends we don't normally get a chance to just be with. I do see the positive with this.

Our next adventures will be to Dallas and Andrews. We are headed to Dallas next weekend to pick up our new couches! We are excited to be getting them! Will is planning on going with us. I believe his whole motivation is seeing Roy's 52 inch tv. It will be fun either way. The weekend after that we will be headed to Andrews. We were trying to space our trips out a little better, but my grandmother is having her other knee replaced on the 22nd so we are going to see her before that happens so we can get some mad card playing in! Scuba will be going with us on that trip. Mom is excited to have both of her new sons coming to see her. That will be a fun trip. We will be playing lots of cards and murder I'm sure! It will be good to see my grandparents!

After those two trips we plan to not go so much for a while. I have a retreat I'm going to in October but other than that we don't really have plans to be going anywhere for a while. The begining of next year will be enough I'm sure with the million weddings coming up! We just found out Lee and Luke, some of my good friends from back in Andrews just got engaged! We are SUPER excited for them!!

Well here are the pictures I promised:

Us being silly at the airport with my comics
View from dinner one night...LOVE Mt. Rainer

We got to FEED GIRAFFES!!!!!
Chris taunted the poor guy

Us with the mighty lion!

Shark : Big
Chris : Small

We Loved the otters! They mate for life and take care of their families! And they are cute!

At the top of the Space Needle!

The Sunset that day

The guy who worked the elevator on the way down said it was the best of the season!

Us at dinner! See that big bowl? That was my dinner!!

The beautiful Mt. Rainer! We plan to go back just to camp at Mt. Rainer!! SO Beautiful!!

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