Friday, May 29, 2009


I think I've sat down a few times to update this but have failed to get anything written before something came up.  So here we are at the very end of May, my how time flies.  Life is crazy as usual, but I think Chris and I are learning to adjust to it well.  
There have been several changes going on around us that will continue to impact our life.  Our church is going through some major changes.  Brian Crump, the guy who has been our youth minister for as long as I've been here is going to be changing roles.  He will be the Minister of Missions (and something else I can never remember) We now have a new youth minister as well.  He is actually already known around our church.  About a year before I arrived here they went through a Young Adults Minister change.  During the transition time this young man, Randy was running the department.  He left College Station and has been a Youth minister for the last five years.  He now returns to take over at FBC as the youth minister.  Chris knows him from when he was here before and is really excited about him being here with our youth.  
The other big change our church is going through is our Pastor, Tim Owens is leaving.  He is going to a small area in Oklahoma.  He will be pastoring at (from what I understand) the church he first started in.  Its a very small church from what I gather.  It sounds like a neat opportunity and something he seems really excited about, but it leaves our church without a pastor.  If you have never been through a change in pastor its not very fun.  It takes patience and understanding.  Our church will be putting together a search committee soon.  Please pray for our members as they pray about who they would suggest to be on the committee.  Its hard in a church this large because to be honest I just don't know that many of the people.  Granted, I know quite a few from being with the youth and from working in the nursery but I still feel like I don't know many.   Either way, things are going to be interesting for a while.  Please pray for what will happen. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Such Joy and Such Sorrow

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. Last Wednesday Chris and I packed up all of our stuff along with our boys and headed to the booming town of Andrews, Texas. We were very excited because we were getting to add a sister to our sweet family. We now are a family of 7. Its a bit of a change from the 5 we grew up as. In a matter of 7 months my parents have gained an amazing son and a beautiful daughter. We had the joy of adding the beautiful Crystal Lynn Rogers to our family. The wedding was beautiful and Cole beamed. I know I'm partial because he is my brother but it was a joyful and beautiful thing to watch. There is such joy in seeing my brother that happy. If my feet weren't killing me I probably would have been jumping up and down the whole time because I was just so excited! I don't know if I have ever seen two people who go together as good as Cole and Lynn do. We had a great time seeing our whole family. Will, Jordan and Scuba even came down to celebrate with us. It was a lot of fun and we are SO excited to have Mrs. Lynn Rogers!! :-D This picture was taken by Aunt Carol (who did their pictures) This is just a couple but the rest she posted are on her blog feel free to check them out!

Following the wedding we hung out with family for a little while and Sunday headed home. We got in late and of course got little sleep. Its always worth it though. Monday while I was in class Chris found out his grandfather had fallen. Pretty much all we knew at that point was that he was taken in a ambulance. At about 11 that night we found out that he suffered a massive stroke and his chances of recovery were slim. He had brain hemoraging and he was on life support. The next morning we found out that there was no chance of recovery. The doctor suggested the three girls (Nandad's daughters) wait 48 hours before making any decisions to take him off life support. Most of the family had a chance to come in and it was peaceful how he left us. Sadly, Chris and I could not make it due to work. We will be heading out in the morning to Colfax, Louisiana to be with family and for the funeral.

I personally only knew Nandad for about two or so years, but even in the little time I knew him I could tell he was a special man. He lived a life worth living. He had three daughters who each have two children and some of them now have children. Nandad had a big family and each one of them adored him. He never met a stranger and he would talk to anyone. He was such a sweet man. So this weekend we will go down and celebrate his life and that we all got to be a part of it. Its such a joy to be able to do knowing he is now with Father and he is free to walk and run around without pain. Thank you Father for the life you gave Nandad and the love you portrayed through him.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

And So Begins a New Year!

Well, sort of a new year. Since it is almost February I'm a little behind but thats okay! The holidays were good. Chris and I spent Christmas Day at home together just us. It was nice. We got up that morning and exchanged gifts and went to see Bedtime Stories. It was a really cute movie! That night we went to some friends house and ate dinner and played games. It was a lot of fun. We then got up really early the next morning and headed to Nandad's. There we met Mary, Roy, Meredith, Mike and Matthew along with the extended family. We had a lot of fun just getting to spend time with everyone. We watched movies, played Murder and ate a whole lot! We came home Sunday and worked for three days. Late New Year's Eve we headed to West Texas! We had the Rogers family Christmas on New Year's morning. That weekend turned out to be an adventure with two weddings on the same day! We had a lot of fun with the family though, staying up wayyy to late playing games. Our holidays turned out to be really good.

Since then we have been working away. Chris had a new doctor take over the vet hospital he works at. He really likes him and he is a really nice guy. He has helped us out in ways he doesn't even understand! Chris is also getting more hours so that is helping too. We had to change the alternator in the truck a few weeks ago so his extra hours have turned out to be a huge blessing to help with that! My work continues to be great. I'm doing as much as I can around the office and entertaining myself the rest of the time. I've almost watched every episode of Numb3rs there is.

The last week or so has been a little more difficult. I started having pain in my left side not too long after Christmas and I went to the doctor last week. He wanted me to do a ct scan and so that was done last week as well. I don't know the results of that yet. But I have also had a problem with my tonge the last few years, it has gotten worse over time. My tonge brakes out and swells after I eat some things. So I went to a specialist on Monday and I found out I'm allergic to corn and yeast. (let me tell you how fun that is) So I've taken them out of my diet. I've had to go all organic because just about everything you are use to buying at the store has enriched flour in it and I can't have that. It has something to do with the yeast part. Then any type of corn syrup, corn starch or anything of the sort is out too. Then as you know, yeast is in bread, one of my favorite foods! Stink! But I've found so yeast-free recipes for bread I can try. It has been one big adventure. Our parents have been really supportive in helping us out with ideas and just wanting to be supportive in any way possible. We are also thinking now, after we know the allergies that the pain could be because of the allergies. Since we don't know the result of the scan yet we don't know that for sure but I think it is possible.

Anyways, things are fixing to get going quickly. This weekend we are headed to Dallas to see Mary & Roy. I'm sure we will also get to see Meredith, Mike and Matthew as well. We will be leaving late Friday night after Chris gets off work and spending some good time relaxing. It is much needed since the weekend after I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off! We have Lynn's shower and I think they are doing something for Cole, but I don't know what. So the following weekend we will be headed to west Texas to showers. We will be home for one weekend and head back the following Wednesday the 18th to have us a wedding!! We are so excited to officially have Lynn as a Rogers!

Things, although a little rough, have been overall, good for us lately. We have struggles that make us rely on each other and I think that will be one of the biggest foundations of our marriage as we get older.