Friday, May 29, 2009


I think I've sat down a few times to update this but have failed to get anything written before something came up.  So here we are at the very end of May, my how time flies.  Life is crazy as usual, but I think Chris and I are learning to adjust to it well.  
There have been several changes going on around us that will continue to impact our life.  Our church is going through some major changes.  Brian Crump, the guy who has been our youth minister for as long as I've been here is going to be changing roles.  He will be the Minister of Missions (and something else I can never remember) We now have a new youth minister as well.  He is actually already known around our church.  About a year before I arrived here they went through a Young Adults Minister change.  During the transition time this young man, Randy was running the department.  He left College Station and has been a Youth minister for the last five years.  He now returns to take over at FBC as the youth minister.  Chris knows him from when he was here before and is really excited about him being here with our youth.  
The other big change our church is going through is our Pastor, Tim Owens is leaving.  He is going to a small area in Oklahoma.  He will be pastoring at (from what I understand) the church he first started in.  Its a very small church from what I gather.  It sounds like a neat opportunity and something he seems really excited about, but it leaves our church without a pastor.  If you have never been through a change in pastor its not very fun.  It takes patience and understanding.  Our church will be putting together a search committee soon.  Please pray for our members as they pray about who they would suggest to be on the committee.  Its hard in a church this large because to be honest I just don't know that many of the people.  Granted, I know quite a few from being with the youth and from working in the nursery but I still feel like I don't know many.   Either way, things are going to be interesting for a while.  Please pray for what will happen. 

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