Wednesday, June 18, 2008

52 Days -- 7 weeks -- 1 1/2 months! Which ever one you like better

When Chris and I started spending all of our time together in March of 2007 I seriously thought he just liked my dog a whole lot. I think I might have been wrong. Not that he doesn't absolutely love Rodderick, but I'm pretty sure he had other motives behind coming to play with him. So here we are 52 days until I get to marry the most amazing man ever and I'm pretty sure those 52 days can't go by fast enough!

We have started the fun things like showers and getting all of the things that will be important to have as we start our life together. I laugh because before I would always think that showers were just a way for a couple to get new stuff, because lets face it, everyone loves to have new stuff. But I have recently changed my mind on the motivation behind the new stuff. I have loved, am loving and will continue to love seeing how Chris and I are going from being Chris Wagner and Kim Rogers to Chris and Kim Wagner. One of those ways is being able to go through and take away the things I see as mine and the things I see as his and replace them with things that are ours. People laugh at me when I get so excited because we get new stuff to hang on the living room walls, because if you have ever seen my house, my walls lack in nothing. Every room is fully decked out! But, all of that is stuff I picked out. After this weekend we will bring home all kinds of stuff to put in (soon to be) our home that we picked out together! This whole building our life together is fun. Its an adventure!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying the process of showers and such. It is such an amazing time that you will NEVER get back! Keep enjoying it! I get excited when I think of all the things coming your way in the next many firsts and lasts...being a newlywed is like nothing else in your life! Enjoy the ride!