Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We are getting married next month!!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning wondering where the month of June went because its GONE! and it dawned on me...I'm getting married next month!!!! Of course working in an office of almost all men they don't really get giddy about things like that so I kept it to myself until lunch. Then I told Chris (as I bounced around in my seat) and watched his face light up at the realization that it really is next month!

Our lives continue to be madness as this week we are playing "Flip that Duplex". To say the least, my house is not somewhere you would want to be right now. Our new bed will be arriving on Sat. so we have to prepare the house for its arrival. There is also the possiblity that our new table and chairs will be here Friday! Chris laughs at me because I'm really excited that we have a storage unit. We are using it to store my table, chairs, both beds, Chris's recliner and a few other things. Last night we moved my table, chairs, the baseball stuff, camping gear and our decorations into the unit. Things are starting to look different! My little duplex is starting to become ours!

This weekend we will be having our bachlor/bachlorette parties, lingerie shower and tool party. So family will be coming in again. I'm pretty sure I can't get enough of that though. Speaking of family. Last weekend we went up to Dallas to Chris's parents house. It was a nice relaxing weekend! Its so nice to be able to go and do nothing. We basically sat around and talked while we watched movies. We also looked though TONS of pictures trying to find some of Chris growing up. He was such a CUTE little boy!!

After this weeked the next few will be some-what calm. Of course there only are a few left until the wedding so I'm sure they won't be as calm as I am hoping for. Things are definatly coming together! I'm sure as we get our bed and flip the house it will become so much more real! Only 38 days!

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Mike and Cymbre said...

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by to read your blog! Hope your parties went well last weekend. Can't wait to see you on your BIG DAY!