Tuesday, July 15, 2008


HE DID IT!!! HE FINALLY DID IT!!! WHOOP!! Cole finally proposed to Lynn!! Mark your calendars Friday Feb 13, 2009 we are having a PARTY!! I'm so excited she is finally going to be my sister! I do have to say I'm about wedding-ed out but I think I've been waiting for this to happen for so long that I'm just too excited about this one! We pick on Cole about this whole thing (we being Kent and I mostly) but I know that he is one awesome guy! He has taken his time with this, eventhough he has known he was going to marry this girl since about a month after they started dating. He waited. He wanted to make sure he could take care of her. He doesn't have everything figured out but they will have fun on their adventure together trying to figure everything out and they could turn out to be the poorest people and be the happiest because of what they have in each other. We are very excited to have Lynn joining our family!!

As for Chris and I, we only have 25 days left!! Its exciting! We got our bed in last weekend and it is amazing! Its kind of sad because I sleep in it by myself every night. Soon that will change! Last night I was picking on Chris because I had to get up to come to work and he doesn't have to work today so he was going to sleep in so I asked if he wanted to have breakfast with me at 7am. He thought about it for a second and said well if you call me. That shocked me, then it hit me, if I call him and he comes over to see me for breakfast, I will go to work and he will go crawl in our bed and sleep! So this morning he came and sat with me while I ate breakfast and I walked out the door, he locked it behind me and went to find that comfy bed! He is a goofball, a very sweet goofball!

This weekend we travel to Brownwood for my family reunion! Growing up this was the best week of the whole summer, of course that was when I got to go for a whole week. My family is a little on the loony side but they are the most wonderful people! This year we will also be celebrating the wedding of my cousin to his beautiful soon to be bride! Our family is growing quite quickly at this rate! In a two year time frame we have added Kevin, Kayla's husband; Eli, Kyle's new little boy; Tammy, Steven's bride-to-be; Chris, marrying me; and Lynn, Cole's future wife! Thats so fun! I love my family! We may be a little off our rockers at times, but we sure do love each other!!

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Mike and Cymbre said...

I heard the good news about Cole and Lynn! That is going to be one CRAZY time! lol...