Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Star filled nights and cows

I got a little story for ya Ags! (if you aren't an Aggie, this is the proper way to start a story in Aggieland)

So last week Chris and I tried our hand at homemade biscuits and gravy. To say the least, it wasn't the best I ever had. The gravy actually turned out really good, the biscuits on the other hand, well we could have used them as rocks. Okay, maybe they weren't that bad, but that weren't really good either. It had been a rough day for me anyways, so it probably wasn't the best night for me to try something new that is easy to mess up, but we did. So by about 9:00 I was really frustrated and ready to just go to bed. Chris walked in the bedroom, where I was spralled across the bed and asked if I wanted to go out in the country and look at stars. (if you don't know, the ability of being able to see just about every star in the sky on a clear night is one of the things I miss the most about Andrews [except you, mom and dad]) So I got all excited and made a thermos of spice tea and got 2 comforters and 2 body pillows and we loaded up the truck. We drove out on OSR and found a small road we could pull down without many lights. We found a place we could pull into some grass beside a fence without any trees and parked the truck. Chris pulled the tarp out of the truck and started laying it out in the bed of the truck. I was beginning to get the pillows and Spice tea when we heard something. We turned around to the fence and here came about 6 cows headed straight for us. They came to the fence and watched us as we got the bed of the truck all set up for star gazing. Apparently they throughly enjoyed watching us set up the truck because they stood there and watched us the whole time. Then we got everything set up and we curled up under the comforter and looked at the beautiful sky! After a couple of minutes we could hear really loud music coming from somewhere right over the hill where the cows came from (the cows that were still standing there) I'm pretty sure the music was from the movie Grease. So after a few minutes the music stopped and I got the scene from Tommy Boy in my head where Tommy took his new brother cow-tippin' and the farmer comes out with a shotgun after them, in my head. So I began to get a little nervous, not to mention that every time i made a sudden move, like moving my head real quick to look from the sky to the cows, they huffed and moved a little. So I asked Chris if we could go home. I loved the idea of going out, but I couldn't get the farmer with a shotgun out of my head!

Our night turned out to be very interesting! The cows were a funny sight to see!

Other than fun nights with cows, we are doing pretty good. Chris isn't feeling well today so he is headed to the doctor. His job search also continues. We have a friend who has a dentist practice (or whatever you would call that) and she is looking for a receptionist. It would be 30 hours a week and either no Fridays or 1/2 day on Friday, so it would give us stable hours and we would both go to work at the same time and get home at the same time. O how nice that would be!! Then if I got off work early on Friday, which I do from time to time, we would have all weekend OFF!! WOO HOO!! That would be SO nice!!

Our newest adventure in life comes with the title Independent Pampered Chef Consultant! I have just started selling Pampered Chef and I love it! I'm so excited to be doing it. Chris and I make enough money to pay our bills, but we don't really have any left over to have a life on. We really enjoy our friends but more often than not, the things we would like to do with them cost money, so I wanted to do something that would give us some play money. So I am now consultant number 567754! Welcome to the world of every cool kitchen thing you could think of!! I love it! Granted, I can't buy everything yet, but my time will come! So if you ever want anything from Pampered Chef, call me up! Or, better yet, host a show and get GREAT discounts! The adventure of having a home based business has been a fun one! Chris has helped me out a lot with it. We have gotten a filing cabinet (thank you Roy and Mary!) and I have my desk set up to be my office! Its fun and I'm learning a lot! Most of what I have learned is how to cook simple meals that taste wonderful! Chris says his biggest perk of all of this is that I cook more, and I do! I cook almost everyday! I love it!

I think those are our biggest adventures right now. Life has been pretty good lately, a little hard but good for the most part! This weekend we are headed to Ennis to my cousin's wedding! He will be marring the beautiful Amber! We are very excited to have her in our family!

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